The Victorian Government’s response to historical forced adoption

In March 2022, the Victorian Government formally responded to the Inquiry into responses to historical forced adoption in Victoria, supporting 33 of the 56 recommendations made by the Legal and Social Issues Committee.   

The response includes a plan to develop Australia’s first redress scheme for mothers who were forcibly separated from their babies under historical forced adoption policies and practices.  

The government is also working to develop integrated birth certificates for adopted people. These certificates are on track to be available from early October 2023. 

A Forced Adoption Exceptional Circumstances Fund, which provided one-off discretionary payments to mothers affected by forced adoption policies and practices in Victoria prior to 1985 who are experiencing exceptional circumstances, was set up in July 2022 and closed on Friday 23 June 2023. New applications are no longer being accepted. 

For further updates, visit the Victorian Government webpage: 

VANISH continues to advocate for redress to include adopted people. 

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