VANISH values your feedback

VANISH encourages and values all feedback from service users, VANISH members, employees, and members of the public.

All feedback is welcome, whether a compliment, a suggestion or a complaint. Your feedback and complaints are a valuable resource for evaluating our strengths and weaknesses and help us to continually improve our services.

How to give feedback to VANISH

There are several ways to share your feedback or make a complaint:

  1. Fill out the VANISH Feedback Form 
  2. Send us an email to 
  3. Write us a letter: VANISH, PO Box 112, Carlton South, VIC 3053

How VANISH manages your feedback

All feedback is: 

  • carefully considered by the CEO and/or Chair of VANISH 
  • considered for review and response 
  • discussed and considered by the CEO and staff in terms of how VANISH can improve the services, or by the Chair if the complaint is about or relating to the CEO 

Download the VANISH Feedback and Complaints Policy

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