Our funding

VANISH is a secular, independent, not-for-profit organisation. We receive the majority of our funding from the Victorian Government’s Department of Justice and Community Safety. We also receive financial support through agreements with partner organisations such as Open Place, as well as bequests, regular and one-off donations, and in-kind support from VANISH members and friends.  

We extend our sincere thanks to all our donors – so much of our work has been possible through your generosity and support. 

For further financial information, please refer to VANISH ‘s Annual Reports containing detailed financial reports.

Our supporters

The VANISH Committee of Management and staff wish to thank: 

Adoption Information Services and Births, Deaths & Marriages in Victoria for our longstanding positive working relationship. 

Our community partners, including ARMS Vic., Open Place, and other state post-adoption support providers.  

Our Support Group Facilitators, who generously share their time and expertise to facilitate VANISH peer support groups, with wisdom and heart.

Our countless other Volunteers, who have passionately supported our work in myriad ways since the beginning of VANISH in 1989. 

Our members and service users, who trust VANISH to assist and support them in a deeply personal and important area of their lives. We are continually inspired by your courage, insight, and resilience. 

Get in touch with our helpful team

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