Recycle your containers to support VANISH

The Victorian Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) is an initiative aimed at improving recycling rates across the state. Individuals can return eligible containers and receive a refund of 10 cents per container.

However, many generous people choose to donate this refund to worthy causes, and that’s where VANISH comes in.

By participating in the Victorian CDS and choosing to donate your refund directly to VANISH, you are helping us continue our vital work in providing information, advocacy, search and support to people affected by adoption and family separation. As a small not-for-profit organisation, donations from the community will help us reach more people who need our support.

It’s simple:

  •  Collect Eligible Containers: Keep an eye out for eligible beverage containers, typically marked with a refund symbol (e.g., ’10c refund at collection depots when sold in Victoria’).
  • Return Containers: Take your eligible containers to any designated collection point participating in the Victorian CDS. These collection points include over-the-counter depots, automated depots, and reverse vending machines located across Victoria. You can find your nearest one here.
  • Donate to VANISH: Instead of claiming your refund, let the collection point staff know that you’d like to donate your container refund to VANISH. They’ll facilitate the donation process, including showing you how you can choose VANISH in the refund app and will ensure that your contribution goes directly to supporting our programs and services.

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