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VANISH position on adoption for vulnerable children and children in care.

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17 Apr 2015

Vulnerable children must be removed as soon as possible from unsafe and abusive situations, initially to temporary/respite care and then, as soon as it is apparent that they cannot return to their immediate family, to long term, safe and secure care.

The question is, what does long term, safe and secure care look like?

VANISH does not suggest that there should never be adoption for vulnerable children, what we suggest is that adoption should only be in exceptional circumstances and not imposed unilaterally.

VANISH suggests that permanent care can be just as effective for vulnerable children without the damaging change of name, identity and legal status that adoption brings.

VANISH is currently developing a full position on this matter.         

For a balanced perspective on this issue please see an article in The Conversation by Associate Professor Stephanie Taplin of Australian Catholic University.