Personal Stories

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The Last Goodbye

This contribution came from a VANISH member (adoptee) who wanted to find a meaningful way to acknowledge the death of her mother. There are no recognised ceremonies or rituals in the adoption community to help us with our familial losses. 

The gathering was held in January 2009 at Mingary which means "The Quiet Place". It is non-denominational and welcomes all who enter.  It offers a peaceful sanctuary where people may restore a sense of strength and healing following a trauma or tragedy. Mingary is located on the Russell Street side of St. Michael's Church, Collins Street, Melbourne.

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Mark's Story

I was born in 1963 and adopted six weeks later.  At the age of six, I was told I was adopted and to me it didn’t really matter at the time as I was so young.  As I went through school and other kids found out I was adopted I suffered deep humiliation and embarrassment and started to feel different to other kids.

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