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Adoption Questions

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Reminder- In order to assist you in making a referral under the ATAPS funding for those affected by past adoption practices, it is suggested that a question about adoption is in your intake and medical information form.

It is suggested that it is also important to ask patients in person. 

The following questions are a guide. 

1.     Do you have an experience related to adoption? 


2.     Do you have an experience related to adoption that may have affected:

- your health?

- your knowledge about your medical history?

- your relationships with others?

- how well and happy you feel, or don’t feel? 

3.     If yes, with no details, ask your patient – Was that experience as a mother who was separated from their child by adoption, a father who was separated from their child by adoption, as an adopted person, adoptive parent or as a family member? 

4.     Can you share with me more about you have experienced? 

If needed the following prompts may be useful. 

  • Do feel a sense of loss related or experience grief related to separation from your baby/ your mother/ your father/your sibling etc. 
  • Do you feel your experience might have had some impact on your relationships or your self-esteem? 

5         Would you like the contact for an organisation that works in the area of adoption that has support workers and counsellors who may advise you? 

6.     If concerned about the level of depression, anxiety or stress experienced the K10 or DAAS is a useful tool in further exploring emotional difficulties in preparation for any prospective mental health plan. This measure can be used as a guide for asking further questions.