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2nd Anniversary of the National Apology for Forced Adoption

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20 Mar 2015

Dear Members, Friends and Colleagues 

As the weekend anniversary of the national apology for forced adoption approaches the VANISH Committee of Management and staff team are remembering with our members the words spoken two years ago in acknowledgement of past losses.  We are reliving and appreciating the deep acknowledgements of trauma, loss and grief that were caused by criminal and misguided legislation, policies and practices.  Our thoughts are with you as you remember what happened to you and for you without your free consent.  We wish that this weekend and ongoing you may be at peace and surrounded with dear family, friends and support people who understand and care about you.

Here at VANISH we are glad that the national and state apologies occurred and yet we are saddened by the increase we see in the use of adoption.  We will work to ensure that the hard learnings of the past are applied to current policy and practice to ensure that adoption remains a placement choice of last resort and that adoption is ‘open’ with safe contact with parent/s.

We will also work to ensure that assisted reproductive technology is only used transparently and with due consideration of the best interests of the child and not to serve the wishes of adults.

Together let us look forward to the launch of the new national archives exhibition ‘Without Consent’ in Canberra and the States on 30th March 2015 as an opportunity for us to remember and for the community to learn.

Warm regards from all of us at VANISH, Coleen.

'Commemoration of State and National Apologies for Past and/or Forced Adoption Policies and Practices' Booklets are available from VANISH on request. 

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